Thursday, October 21, 2004

Hate is Not a Christian Value

A church not far from my house has posted a sign out front that reads:

Homosexuality is a sinful choice.

I know this because Sean called me saying he wanted to "call the police or something" because it was a "hate crime".

Well, unfortunately, it's not really a crime. But I was, of course, terribly angry and offended. If you want to preach hate in your church, fine, you are all ignorant fucks. But don't pollute my community with your nasty messages. The thought of someone from elsewhere seeing that sign and silently noting This town is a close-minded town angers me unspeakably.

So, I called. No one was there (they were probably all dressed in white sheets burning crosses somewhere), so I left a message stating my name, that I was a member of the community, and that I was offended by their sign. I said that I thought their sign promoted hate, and that hate was not a Christian value at any church I am familar with. I asked them to take it down.

Sean will be doing the same.

Would anyone else like to join us?

New England Baptist Church
30 Salem Street, Medford, MA 02155
(781) 395-6116

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