Friday, October 21, 2005

More Sadie, More Poncho

Fear the poncho. Fear the Sadie.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

And, Because it Deserves its Own Seperate Post...

Sean and I are getting married!

The answers are:

1. Over Labor Day weekend. Yes, I should have said something sooner. Yes, I suck. Most definitely, I suck.

2. I'm not sure yet. Probably in the spring? It will give us something to do over the long bleak New England winter. And I have zero desire to be planning ANYTHING for a year.

3. Yeah, I mean, I obviously knew it was coming at some point. I mean, we bought a house and all that. I just didn't necessarily expect it right THEN.

4. Well, he had sprained his ankle quite badly, so I guess he was originally going to take me to the Berkshires and do it while hiking, but his gimpy ass was limping around on crutches, so there was none of that. It actually happened when I had just gotten out of the shower. What can I say...? I get naked, they propose.

5. Yes, I do suck. Truly.

All else aside, we are both very happy.

Here is a picture of my head only partly obscured by my hair, gazing over to the precipice of marriage. (Or, actually, a gorge in Vermont.)

I'm Just Not Feelin' It

So, hi.

It's been awhile.

The crazy thing is, it's not like there is not TONS and even BUTTLOADS of stuff for me to write about. Rest assured, there is. I just, well, don't write about it. Instead, I do things like eat grilled cheese with tomatoes and count down the minutes until my life is over and I no longer have to return to this hellish, misguided place that pays me to sit here in my chair and Not Be Smart.

Yes, it is true. Truly true. Several months back, I was reprimanded for coming up with ideas during a meeting. Then I was reprimanded when the ideas I was reprimanded for coming up for weren't implemented (because of the reprimanding, remember the reprimanding?) and the whole misguided project blew up in everyone's formerly-smug faces. Yes, that would be the same project that I gently suggested would not work as it was intended.

It is awful, just awful; and I am bitter and miserable most of the time. It is more than a bit shitty to be recruited for a high-level position and then watch as people above you who don't know what they are doing sloooowly destroy the program you have worked so hard to build. Fuckers.

But, enough of that. I will find other employ at some point, or at least enough freelance work to make me feel comfortable giving my employer the ol' heave-ho.

In the meantime, here is a picture of Sadie to tide you over: