Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's Not Just Riots

Television and radio media just plain sucks. Yes, I understand that reporting on little else except for the "riots" and "unrest" and "marshall law being declared" serves to psychologically seperate you from this disaster. I know that you want to make sure we all understand how different "they" must be from us, how deserving they must be of this tragedy. But frankly, fuck you. I call bullshit.

Ignore CNN. Ignore NBC. Ignore CBS. The real news can be found at:

The I Survived Katrina Connection

Incidentally, at that last one, you can also donate to the relief fund.

If you live in the Boston area, your home Red Cross is:

They are looking for healthy volunteers who can spare at least 2 weeks, and scads and scads of cash. Please help.

Talk of the president spending his time vacationing and not deploying personnel in time shall be postponed until such time as I am again able to think of it without risking brain implosion. Oh, also, talk of the president's upcoming party that will take up money and personnel shall be postponed as well.

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