Friday, May 30, 2003

True Story

Since my wardrobe is sadly bereft of short-sleeved tops; and since I have high hopes that the temperature will eventually remain above 65 degrees on a consistent basis; and since I like to buy stuff; I set out to find some new items of apparel today.

Wow! I found a pretty groovy sale. So, I proceeded to the fitting room with armloads of cheap cheap stuff. Yay! Of course, I knew I wouldn't be able to try it all on at once. It's never like that. So I began seperating my stuff into outfits that needed to be tried on together. I thougt I overheard the fitting room attendant (I like to refer to her affectionately as the "fitting room troll") tell the person in front of me that 6 items were allowed. Good, I thought--since I had 11, I'd go in with 6 and 5.

The following conversation happened when I got to the front of the line:

Fitting Room Troll:How many items do you have?
Me:Ahh...I have 11. I was going to take in 6, then come back for the other 5.
Fitting Room Troll: I'm sorry, you can only take in 5 at a time.
Me: Ahh...but I thought you just said you could take in 6?
Fitting Room Troll: No, I'm sorry; only 5. It used to be 6, but we ran out of tags that say "6". So you can only take in 5 now.
Me: Er...Ok...but I have 11 items. Can't you just give me a "5" tag and a "1" tag?
Fitting Room Troll: No, I'm sorry; we have strict orders not to allow any more than 5 in at a time. It used to be 6, but since we lost all the tags, it's 5 now. I'm really sorry. They're on order! Hopefully they'll be in soon.
Me:'s the stuff I'll come back for, then. Ok, I have 5 here. *puts out hand for "5" tag*
Fitting Room Troll: Oh, I'll just remember that you have 5 items. There aren't any "5" tags.
Me *incredulous stare* But you can't just remember that I have 6 items?
Fitting Room Troll: No, I'm sorry. The "6" tags are on order. We're out. But the "5" tags just are all gone right now.

I gave up the conversation at this point. Safe to say it was one battle I wasn't gonna win.

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