Tuesday, May 10, 2005

So Much To Say So Much To Say So Much To Say So Much To Say...

Sorry. I am lazy. Too lazy to update, apparently. And there have been actual, exciting, interesting things to write about. I just...didn't. Mea culpa.

One of the biggest excitingest things that has occurred is that, for all practical purposes, our House-Hunting Obsession is over. In its place we have squarely placed the Getting Through the Closing Obsession. This is because, ladies and gents, we made an offer on a dwelling this past Saturday afternoon, and the nice sellers saw fit to accept it. Whee!

Little did I realize that the complicated part was just beginning. I had skipped over all the Making an Offer and Choosing an Inspector and Closing the Deal sections in all of our homebuying reference books. (Note to self--this is a stupid, stupid idea. Read ALL the friggin sections so you are aware that you need an UNGODLY sum of money in time to sign the P & S and cannot just put it all off till the closing date.)

So now, we have to wade through all the complicated legalities of transferring property from one owner to another. I am convinced that I should be entitled to Homebuying Leave--how else can we EVER get this all done?

But, yeah! Very exciting! Hopefully nothing will get in the way. The inspection is tomorrow, so I fully expect Mr. Inspector Guy to pull apart our 115-year-old (soon-to-be) home and find nothing but perfection. He hee.

Ok, more to follow. But for the record, I updated!!!

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