Wednesday, March 19, 2003

First Date

She was late getting there. She walked in spurting some story about "having to give a guy directions" and giving him the wrong directions. He was more than a little taken aback when she hugged him. She wasn't sure about his ponytail. He wasn't sure how big her boobs were. He spilled her beer on her. She threw her neck out playing air hockey and was barely able to move for days. He asked her out again by making a second date the stakes in a Skee-Ball game. He won. He jokingly acted like he was going to throw pad thai at the restaurant. He actually did throw pad thai at the restaurant. He drove her home and made fun of the many flights of stairs to her apartment. He walked up them anyway. She joked that her car was on the "top ten most stolen" list. It was stolen the next day.

What do you do with a date like that?

Well, if you're ME, you (eventually!) fall in love with the guy. Happy anniversary, honey!

(I think it was the pad thai that did me in....)

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