Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Happy Birthday!!!

Today the Snap and Crackle to my Pop turns 28. Ya'll, join me in wishing Brandy a happy birthday! But be sure to remind her not to poke Lincoln Logs in her nose, and that if she attacks my house I will surely cut her butt off.

AND today is Hump Day. How befitting.

The Joy of Shacking Up and Other Snippets of My Life

I sent around an email to some friends and family letting them know that my address had changed (as had Sean's). This was very nice of me. My mother took it upon herself to forward it around to family I had "missed". This was very nice of her. One very religious aunt sent a reply. I clicked on it with quite a bit of trepidation, half-expecting a lecture. I mean, this is the woman who has pro-life checks. (She sent me one as a graduation present, but I refuse to cash it. I mean, come ON...) But no lecture--instead, she congratulated me and said that Allison (her daughter, my cousin) had had the same joy. Joy?

It's a freaking monsoon outside today. Lightning, thunder, the works. It woke me up at 4 am, then stopped long enough for me to get to work, and has now resumed. Rain is coming down in sheets. Sean left me a cryptic voice mail: "I hope you have an umbrella, honey. Oh, boy..." I'm sitting in my cubicle clapping my hands and imploring "Power OUTAGE! Power OUTAGE!!!" So far, no dice. Damn.

Because of the dissonance I have between disliking my "field" yet feeling like I should do something in it, with the master's degree and all; I have decided to look on my graduate education and resulting student loan debt in a new light. Instead of thinking it as $40,000 (that being just the graduate portion) for a degree in a field I'm no longer enamoured with, I've decided to think of it as the purchasing price of Sean. I mean, if I hadn't chosen thatgraduate program, I never would have moved to Boston. If I hadn't moved to Boston, I never would have met Sean. Thus, meeting Sean cost me $40,000. I find this much more palatable. He's a bargain at that price.

Someone told me that "Darkness Falls" was really scary, so we On Demand-ed it last night. Someone is a raging retard.

I've found that if you have fresh blueberries in your oatmeal, you should smash them halfway through the cooking cycle. Yummy.

My friend Sarah's mom is back in the hospital, fighting cancer and liver disease. If you're one of those people who prays or has prayers answered, I'd appreciate you keeping her family in your thoughts.

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