Tuesday, June 29, 2004


A mistrial? A mistrial?!?!?

Were all of the jurors on crack?

How much more cut-and-dried could a rape case be? The gang rape of an unconscious minor was videotaped, and jurors stated that the case had "ambiguities"?

Were they asleep during the showing of the video?


...(the defendant's) father, Donald Haidl, the assistant sheriff of Orange County, also wept as he hugged his son....The 21-minute incident was recorded by Haidl on July 5, 2002, during a party at the home of his father, who was not there at the time...

I must have glossed over that before. Beg pardon.


A video shot previous to the trial-related video shows what upstanding citizens the accused really were.

The defense attempted to show the video had been tampered with. Oh, they also brought in a female ejaculation expert (a what?) to testify that the alleged victim hadn't urinated on herself, but ejaculated with excitement while being penetrated with a pool cue.

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