Friday, November 11, 2005

Let the Revolution Commence!

Today is Sean's Big-Three-Oh! We have celebrated thus far by:

--Eating a McGriddle

--Braving the ridiculous, murderous-rage-inducing crowds at Ikea

--Eating a 50-cent hot dog from Ikea

--Buying new shoes

And last but not least, playing with Sean's birthday gift, Dance Dance Revolution (Extreme 2!) Sean lept excitedly off the couch upon opening it, then sadly implored me not to make fun of him. As if it is possible to not make fun of someone playing Dance Dance Revolution (Extreme 2!). For anyone who hasn't experienced the wonder that is Dance Dance Revolution (Extreme 2!), please know that until one gains vast experience at the game, ALL HUMAN BEINGS (present company tremendously included) look like a cross between Mr. Ed counting and doing the Hokey Pokey while playing Dance Dance Revolution (Extreme 2!). It is impossible to not laugh at such a spectacle.

Love you, honey. There's no one I'd rather laugh at. Or look like Mr. Ed counting while doing the Hokey Pokey in front of. Happy Birthday.

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