Friday, December 06, 2002

It's Official

I am slowly becoming part of the evil conglomerate that is "the man".

Why, you ask? Well, because I have agreed to toss aside the plebian robes of a "temp" and accept a permanent job offer with Blue Cross.


So, on one hand, I'm going to be inherently evil. But on the other, I get such things as "benefits", which apparently includes 3 weeks of paid vacation. Hoo-yeah!

Currently, I'm in negotiations with them trying to get more money. Not because I really deserve it, just because I'm greedy and wanted to see if I could. If I don't succeed, it won't bother me too much. Hell, they're already offering to pay me a ridiculous sum of money for a job that mostly consists of stuffing and unstuffing envelopes. And before you ask, no, this isn't my ultimate career goal! But they presented it to me as "We KNOW this isn't what you want to do. But stay here, let us pay you more and give you benefits, we'll give you a very flexible schedule, and you can finish up your Master's degree." So, what kind of moron would say no?

So, that' s what' s new with me. Now, if only Massachusetts could get its damn budget under control, maybe the state could afford me. Till then, I guess I'm stuck weasel-ing.

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