Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Today Thus Far

I wake up and realize 3 things immediately. (1) It's not time to get up yet (5:37 am, just enough time for me to fall back into a deep enough sleep that the alarm will jar me awake), (2) I'm not at Sean's; and (3) Tivy is punishing me for playing musical apartments with him by refusing to sleep in the crook of my leg, instead he has perched on a stereo speaker. He gives me one of his scornful looks.
I go back to sleep.
After some requisite bonding with the snooze button, I heave myself off the futon that should have been a bed long ago and trudge down the hall to the shower.

I can't find any black tights. How is it that I can own about 17 pairs and have them all simultaneously disappear?

Eventually, I find some and put on the I'm-Too-Lazy-To-REALLY-Get-Dressed-But-I-Don't-Want-To-Wear-Jeans
outfit, my long black skirt and grey/black/white sweater. (It's one of those sweaters you can buy at a Phish concert, which I know because I DID buy it at a Phish concert, but amazingly, I can delude myself into thinking it's work-appropriate...)

I drink some water. I take my vitamins. I give the rest of the water to my sad-looking Bonsai tree, Samuel. He's not lookin' so good. I'm a menace to plants, I tell you.

My roommate's boyfriend stumbles out of her bedroom, pees (well, he enters the bathroom for that), and mutters something that could potentially be interpreted as "Goodbye, Amanda" at me. He does not offer to give me a ride to the T. It is snowing out. This is, I believe, the worst kind of mortal sin.

I walk up and down the 3 million hills that separate my apartment from the nearest T stop. Somehow, I manage to do so in platform Mary Janes WITHOUT falling. Freaking snow.

I catch the T. I catch the shuttle. I make it to Quincy. It's still snowing.

I've brought a turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch, and an unnaturally green muffin (Star Market deemed it "pistachio") for breakfast. I don't particularly want either.

In a bit, I'll throw my coat back on and walk across the street to Dunkin Donuts to procure a ridiculously big coffee to keep me from falling asleep. Then I'll walk back across, flash my ID badge at the guards, and take the elevator back up to the seventh floor.

I think I'm slowly beginning to disappear.

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