Thursday, June 05, 2003

Today at Random

Riding the red line over the Charles this morning, the water looked like glass-shimmering, cracked glass. Not a boat skimmed over the water--I guess it's too damn dreary even for the Crew teams. I tend to look up from whatever I'm reading between Kendall and Charles/MGH, just so I can get an eyefull of the Charles, the trees and grass surrounding it, the view of the city. It's kind of my little last grasp at eye candy before I have to spend the day in Quincy.

Nothing amazes me more than the all at once small and immense miracle of another human being. Watching Sean as he slowly clambers out of sleep, I marvel at it all. The curved shell of his earlobes, the tiny hairs on his fingers, the way his lips will turn up just a little on one side if I brush them with mine. So many different ways the DNA could have lined up, but it did in that way. Amazing.

It just occurred to me that this blog might kind of read like a Deep Thought by Jack Handy. Hmm.

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