Monday, June 02, 2003

The ZIP Code Snob Gets her Comeuppance

The apartment search is over. After viewing no less than (*counting on fingers*) 27 apartments (not kidding, not exaggerating...that's twenty plus seven...); we have deemed one worthy of our inhabitance. Well, actually I guess it's more like the third we've deemed worthy; but (as I said before) one fell through because of the cat, one was the wrong apartment; and then there's the most recent addition to the story--the one we put the deposit on that was apparently "already rented on Friday". (That's realtor-speak for "We found some schumucks to pay more than you, so you're fucked like Li'l Kim!")

So, that brings us to today, when we signed the lease and handed over yet another check for yet another deposit, but this time it shouldn't fall through--the landlords seem completely enamoured with us. They keep thanking us for taking the apartment so they wouldn't have to rent it to wild pygmies or undergrads.

We don't have a porch to BBQ on, pout. But there's a front porch downstairs, and a back yard + blacktop area that might have some potential. It's not a BIG 'grill buyin' place, but it IS a make-do-with-the-little-grill place. So, that's a plus.

Anyway, it's a great place. Probably the best all-around that we saw. All kinds of brand new shit, and assloads of character. And a level of swankiness that is probably completely undeserved by someone who uses the word "assloads". I like it. It's pretty. I'll make Sean post pics on his site. :)
But, the comeuppance...

It's in freaking Medford.

I deserve it. I realize that.

But it IS in a nice part of Medford...

So, I'm psyched! We move in July.

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