Monday, June 30, 2003

Hectic Weekend

I think I need a break from my weekend! Kind of like coming back from Cleveland last week, and saying I needed a vacation to recover from my trip...

It started out Friday, when I had to work to make up for taking off Monday to spend the day in the car with the irrepressible Sean and my favorite Egyptian, Fady. Yeah, I know what a spoiled brat I am, but usually I don't work Fridays--I do a 4 10-hour days thing and skip the Friday commute. The unfortunate thing is that I usually don't use my day off wisely--I tend to go to Target or something lame like that and then whine that the weekend is too short.

But, I digress.

After a hard day of data entry and endless mousing, Sean and I headed to the FleetBoston Pavillion to see Iggy Pop and friends perform. (Well, I doubt they're actually his friends...) We spent a couple hours wandering the cheesy booths and drinking $8 beers before anyone actually started to play the "rock and roll music". This, incidentally, was just enough time for us to realize that we're not the target audience for these types of events any more. I just don't feel the need to dye my hair purple with Punky Color or drink an Amp or buy hemp-and-shell jewelery. *sigh*

So, let's review what we learned from this concert experience, shall we?
1. We are getting old.
2. There are still people FAR older than us who want to
attend an Iggy Pop show.
3. Hot Hot Heat is under-rated.
4. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are over-rated. And their lead
singer needs to consider an occasional workout.
Strutting back and forth across the street should
not make one gasp while saying "Hello, Boston".
5. Jellyfish are cool.
6. $8 Beers do not taste better than $3 ones.
7. Fischerspooner is one helluva prima donna
attitudy-ass queen. This made me laugh. Sean was not
8. Iggy Pop is too old for such hijinx as flipping the
audience "the bird". This is just plain silly.
9. Sometimes, the most fun part of anything is just hanging
out with someone you love.

So, that was Friday. Saturday, the alarm blared angrily at us at the ungodly rude hour of 7 am. We rolled out of bed and made for Saugus, where Sean's mom was determined to clear out a good deal of clutter through a yard sale and rented dumpster (for the unsold!). I "helped" with setting up a few things before I was shooed off by Sean and forced to make the big drive from Saugus to Brookline all by my lonesome for the first time. I did. So now I'm a Big Boston Driver Girl! Yay for me!

Again, I digress.

So I headed for my apartment, which I packed up. That's a pretty short sentence for a long-ass day of wrapping plates in t-shirts, throwing clothes in trash bags, and begging banana crates from Trader Joe's. But, long story short, I packed up the apartment. So now we just have to get all the stuff in it from Brookline to Medford. Luckily, I have very little furniture, just lots of "stuff".

Sean and I eventually reunited at his current apartment for a late-night of noshing on Redbones takeout and watching some Iron Chef.

Sunday I was awakened in the wee hours by the sound of my cat being an asshole. If you are unsure how exactly this occurs, let me explain. A cat being an asshole ususally consists of running back and forth across the bed and apartment at top speed, digging nails into sleeping bodies on the bed, and meowing at the top of one's lungs. See? Asshole. I implored Tivy to "stop being an asshole", and realizing the error of his ways, he settled down and went back to sleep.

I finally awoke at 9 am and decided to make surprise muffins for the sleeping Sean. Mmmm...lowfat blueberry/raspberry muffins! I had to use my vanilla soymilk because we were out of milk, but other than that everything was pretty standard. Sean gave a very unmanly squeal of excitement when I announced the existence of the muffins, and practically bounded out of bed to get some. Unfortunately, they tasted either like ass or something dead. I'm not entirely sure which. My muffins were a complete failure. I mean, the only job of a muffin is to taste good. Mine couldn't even accomplish that. Failures!

After a less-than-nourishing breakfast, we headed out to do some new-apartment-related shopping. At our first stop, the local Home Depot, we met with a great deal of success! I'm happy to announce that Sean and I are now the proud owners of our first large appliance--a brand-new Maytag washing machine!!! Goodbye, coin-ops and laundromats!! Woohoo! It arrives next Friday. I'll be saving my laundry till then!

We looked at air conditioners and rugs, but didn't buy anything. But hey, looking's a start, right?

Later that evening, we set out to meet a bunch of my friends from school at the Barking Crab for some seafood treats. It was a great time--we got to sit out on the patio under the twinkle lights and feed our faces with scads of shellfish. Mmmm. Unfortunately, I'm sorry to report that Sean's skill with the snow crab legs left a lot to be desired. I think it's save to say he's going to receive a sound schooling when we set off for Baltimore to visit the great Brandy and Robb in August--blue crab pickin' is SOOO much more involved than snow crab legs.

After a dinner that helped us work up an appetite, we walked across the street and plopped ourselves down in front of the harbor to watch the fireworks. They ended up being pretty spectacular, and Sean snapped some pretty good shots. Maybe he'll even change the picture on his site?

So, yeah, it's been a whirlwind weekend. And I've got a gabazillion things to do, still. Do you think it'd be possible to request an extra summer this year?

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