Friday, November 21, 2003

Mystery Solved

According to the Q-tip on 'roids the doctor gave me a sound tonsil-swabbing with earlier (and not the kind of tonsil swabbing one likes, either...) I've got myself a nasty case of streptococcal infection, better known as strep throat.


That was a serious 'yay'. I've already taken the first dose of antibiotics, so I know (from my tons of experience with the infamous Mr. Streptococcus) that I'll start to feel better in a few hours. And I'll probably get more than 4 hours of sleep tonight. And there will likely be no more gentle moaning from a blanket pile on the couch.

I know Sean will be relieved. As much amusement as he got out of my pathetic, half-delirious ramblings, I'm sure he prefers me as my usual fully delirious self.


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