Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Long Time No Blog

I haven't had much to say, lately.

I'm not sure why. I mean, things have been happening in my life, just as things always happen in my life. I've been keeping up with everyone else's blogs. I've just been pointedly neglecting my own.

You'd think I'd have some sort of triumphant return, a bunch of profound profundities strung together for your reading pleasure.

Nah. Just lots of miscellaneous drivel.

So with that, let's be on with it.

I'm terribly worried about the fate of Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. It's the only TV show I watch. And now, it's been purchased by the evil gods of Network TV. I fear it will meet with the same untimely demise as MTV's The State, or worse, it will be aired all cleaned up for family viewing without a double entendre to be found.

Saddam has been captured. I do not care. Really. I don't think I could possibly give less of a shit. If anything, it has left me deeply disturbed for reasons I can't quite put my fingers on.
One of my big "issues" with the capture and resulting media dog and pony show is that I despise how the media has made him a scapegoat for so many of the problems in the Middle East. C'mon, people, Saddam's rise to power came about because of that region's economic and cultural conditions. He's not a demigod. And there will be a new Saddam as soon as all is said and done, unless some semblance of stability can be attained. (Which isn't going to happen. Peace in the Middle East? Is that anything like the Loch Ness Monster???) Geeze peeze, have all these people learned nothing from Heathers??

Not to steal Sean's thunder, (but then he IS the one who stopped blogging, isn't he???) but we have a new addition to our little family--a brand-spankin' new Volkswagen Passat! Unfortunately, because Massachusetts is a state of profound fucked-uppedness, we do not have the actual car in our possession yet. It's still residing at the dealer, waiting patiently for our tags to be procured. But I'm sure he/she will be very happy and enjoy many, many happy years in our company. I'll let you know what his/her name is as soon as I get to know him/her well enough to bestow a name upon him/her.

I actually had a good interview the other day. Not that anything will come of it, or that it will pan out in any way, but it was nice to have a good experience for a change. I spend so many hours in the drudgery of my crap job that I tend to forget that I actually do have intelligent things to say, that I actually am amazingly qualified for certain positions, and that companies would be damn lucky to woo me enough to snag me on their payroll. So there.

I'm still gearing up for the holi-daze. I've got a few more gifts to buy, but I think I'm in pretty good shape. My parents were good enough to mail me all, or at least the greater part, of the ornaments I've been collecting since early childhood. They're just great--so many memories! Some of 'em are more than a little shabby, and most are definitely not something I'd choose now (there's an abundance of rocking-horse and teddy bear-themed ornaments...), but I can't bear to part with them! So the tree is now completely decked out and blinking festively.

I've got a million plans in the upcoming weeks. There's picking up the car, the Return of the King on Weds., picking some Yankee Swap gifts, the Nutcracker, the art exhibit I wanted to see, meeting up with Fady when he comes to town, a bunch of miscellaneous parties and gatherings, and then we're off to sunny (with any luck!) Florida for a visit with Sean's dad.

If the world ever stops spinning, maybe I'll get a chance to blog again.

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