Monday, December 22, 2003

Making Cookies With Sean

Redpanda: Hmm. The icing hurts my hands. Maybe you should decorate.

Sean: (eagerly) Ok!

Time passes.

Redpanda: Err...what happened to this bell with the black dots and the green ringer?

Sean: (Holding cookie up to face) It's not a bell. It's a nose! And it has hairs, blackheads, and a booger.

Redpanda: Err...oh. What about that black tree with no top?

Sean: There was a horrible fire---

Redpanda: What happened to these snowmen? Their arms and legs are broken off...

Sean: We have some heroic veterans in our midsts. Landmines are a tragic thing...

Redpanda: What about this snowman?

Sean: I tried to make a mouth for him, but it got all messed up. So now he looks like a zombie. So he is an undead zombie snowman. Those are his guts coming out.

Redpanda: (Trying to look over Sean's shoulder) What is that one you're working on now?

Sean: No!!! This one is a surprise!!! You can't see it till I'm done!!!

And so, the saga continues....

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