Saturday, December 27, 2003

F-ing Terrific

So, there was some kind of big safety issue with a plane that left Logan headed for Chicago today. They had to make an emergency landing and jump out of the exit row doors (and that woman probably got Big Air just like in the picture the airlines provide...).

We fly out of Logan tomorrow, a.m. Eeeeee. And, being freakishly tall, we always sit in the exit row if possible. Double eeeeeee.

Now, if there is some sort of emergency, I would like to note that my method of "helping" others (others other than my traveling companion, the illustrious Sean) is to yell out "Follow me!!!" in the most encouraging of tones before leaping from the plane like a mad lemming.

Planes belong in the sky. I'm just sayin'. Hope ya'lls will all stay there, too.

Now, I have to get some sleep. If I can stop with the "Eeeeeee" for that long.

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