Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Requiem for a Blog

Sean took down his blog.

You probably already knew that. Hell, if you're like me, you use his site as a conveniant jumping-off point and click on all your daily reads from there. (You can still do that, BTW--very considerate of him to leave in that functionality...)

It's been long in coming, I suppose. He's been threatening this for weeks, but (partly due to my protests?)still left it up with his occasional, albeit sparse, posts.

I didn't even know about it till after the fact. "I took down my blog today,", he said matter-of-factly as I crunched carrots, "it was time."

Was it time?

I don't know. I do know that I miss it already. The explanations for its demise all check out. I understand them. I still don't like them. And knowing that I'll be passing him the toothpaste later on doesn't change the fact that I feel a little stab of loneliness when I see the stark emptiness that is "Disserto".

So, goodbye, honey. I'll miss you.

But then, I'll see you tonight...

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