Friday, October 31, 2003

S'Been Awhile

Yeah, I'm too lazy to blog. Or too busy. Or something.

I've got different stuff to do at work. It sucks pretty much equally with what I was doing before, but causes less stress on the wrists. So they feel almost normal. Or, I can open cans and doorknobs again. Not always without wincing, but it can at least be accomplished.

There are about 27 parties this weekend that I'd like to go to. Obviously, I cannot be in all these places at once. So some people are going to be disappointed with me. That sucks.

It is absolutely gorgeous out. I love Fridays, my day off. It's really the only day I see the inside of my apartment during the daylight. I like it--the sunlight filtering through the windows, the orange and yellow treetops far below, the fluffy white clouds in the crystal blue sky...

It occurs to me that I just said I loved my apartment and described instead what's outside of it. Hmm. Methinks I should get out more.

Got a big week and weekend coming up. Ooh, how I love bigness. Really I do. And I mean that in as nondirty a way as possible.

I'm thinking that I should wear my St. Pauli Girl/Renaissance Beer Wench costume, complete with lace-up corset, every day. Sitting down would be nearly impossible, but isn't it worth it for gravity-defying cleavage? Really, isn't it?!?

I will be wearing said get-up again for my boys in Just Another Victim, who'll be headlining a big Halloween fest at the Kirkland Cafe tonight. They sound better and better every time I hear them. Or maybe it's just that I've learned the words to their songs and can sing along now.

Ooh, I've been gone so long that now my good friend and fellow redhead RW has a site! Check out the Netho link. It rocks, much like Kip Winger.

And that's it, for today...

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