Monday, January 19, 2004

It's Different Here

It's different here in my new department. One would scarcely believe it's the same company.

Where before the air was boisterous with loud complaining and thick with discontent; here it is peaceful and quiet, the dull din of office white noise burbling in the background.

Where before trips to the cafeteria meant an elevator jaunt down 6 floors to a sodium-laden greasy spoon; here it's a 2-flight skip down to a brightly-lit salad bar with a huge selection of flavored coffees and herbal teas.

Where before the people I passed in the halls were overweight, underpaid lifers in track pants or outdated jeans; here sleek svelte professionals glide by in silence, their gleaming highlights showcasing their perfectly-blown-out locks.

Where before, a stop by a coworkers' cubicle would reap a disapproving look, at best, or a question as to whether I "needed more work", at worst; here people happily discuss the movies they saw over the weekend, the newest lame reality show, what their kids did during dinner.

Where before, I was called over to coworkers' cubicles to explain complicated things like "independent movies" or "health-spend refund accounts"; here we casually toss out conversation peppered with acronyms like CABG, MI, EKG, CVD. And no one bats an eyelash.

Ahh, what a difference a difference makes.

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