Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Life in the Stone Age

Day three at The New Job. Still--no computer, no phone. Not sure exactly when that'll be remedied.

The worst part isn't that I've got nothing to DO, it's that I have no means of making it appear that I'm busy. I can only re-read my notes from the various meetings I'm Outlooked into somewhere where my Outlook exists so many times. After awhile, I start to hang on the edges of my coworkers' cubicles and stare blankly over their shoulders. Some of the lucky ones actually have computers, for which I tease them mercilessly. Some others report that they waited 3 weeks before theirs arrived.

I'm debating about bringing in some of my grad school texts, to put up in my cube and make myself look important. And of course, as a reference tool for designing modules and writing scripts and crap like that. And convincing them to let me redesign the brochures, which look kind of like ass.

The good news is that the new building's cafeteria has a salad bar.

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