Friday, May 07, 2004


I drink WAAAY too much coffee. Like, 6 cups (two of my BIG cups) in the morning, and another 20 oz (or so) at work. And that's if I don't run over to Dunk's and get a latte in the afternoon.

I once owned the majority of V.C. Andrews' books.

I sometimes sing along to Averil Lavigne. Except for that new "Didja think that I was gonna give it up to you" song. That just makes me laugh.

I accidentally killed my beloved pet parakeet when I was eleven. I will still cry if I delve too deeply into the situation.

I love shopping. LOVE it. I hate that I love it. But I do.

I also love clothing. And accessories. And shoes. Way more than someone who claims to be nonmaterialistic should.

I sometimes accidentally kick the cat in my sleep. And sometimes I kick the cat on purpose, but only when she bites my feet.

If Sean and I are in a store, say Target, and I don't know where he is, I will call his cell from my cell and say "Where are you? I'm next to the cat food!"

I sometimes yell obscenities at WBZ radio in the shower. Sean usually comes running, worried that I have been assaulted somehow and am fighting off intruders.

I'm faking it.

I don't remember my natural haircolor any more.

Sometimes, like every couple months or so, I go to McDonalds. I get the two cheeseburger value meal with a Diet Coke.

I always meant to get a tattoo.

I have gotten people fired because they pissed me off.

I don't clean my apartment nearly enough.

I don't answer my cell phone half the time. Half of the remaining time, it's not even on.

I don't love my job.

I laugh at retarded person jokes. And dead baby jokes. And racially questionable jokes.

I laugh at other people. A lot. I often point at them while doing so.

I don't keep in touch very well.

I have hurt people without remorse.

I have hurt people and cried for days.

The collar and cuffs match. But only when I'm a redhead.

I would rather be somewhere else.

Sometimes, I'd rather be someONE else.

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