Wednesday, May 26, 2004

To Most People, I Just Worked Some Voodoo Magic

Our main application at work just switched over from a plain old app to a New Improved Web-based App. This is a very big deal and has resulted in a profound increase in clicking. What took 3 clicks before now takes 10. But everything is well-documented now!

Fuck you, Well-Documented! Me no likey the clickey.

As I believe I have stated before, I am a Super-User for this app. No cape has been issued to me for this dubious honor. In fact, I mostly find myself telling people that they did not record an outcome while they insist for a half hour that they did too record an outcome. Then they realize that they forgot to record an outcome and quickly record an outcome and say something along the lines of "Wow, it just went away!"

Because it is a New Improved Web-based App., it is launched through MS Internet Explorer. Which has a toolbar. Which has a "Back" button.

People cannot stop clicking on the "Back" button. Cannot. And when this occurs, all the information the click-happy-back-button-clicker has just typed in is lost. And the web app crashes.

So, today a Very Important Computer Man came along to do some Very Important Work to our computers and to the New Improved Web-based App. You see, it was crucial that they "disable" the evil back button. In turn, we each had to stand up and leave our cubicles as the Very Important Computer Man did his Very Important Work. And when we came back to our cubicles, the evil back button was gone, once and for all!

I was not pleased with this option. I happen to use my back button as I am surfing the 'net, doing important Work work like searching for the newest technology in carotid enarterectomies or checking my email. So I decided I would hack into the system however I could and reclaim my precious back button. I would call Sean the WonderTechie if I had to.

I didn't have to.

Let me share the steps I took to make the elusive back button reappear:

1. Right-click on "Tools".
2. Click on and check "Standard Buttons".

Sigh. Now I know why I got stuck being the Super-User.

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