Monday, May 17, 2004

A Day for Celebration!

Today, for once, I am thrilled to live in the state of Massachusetts. Despite the biting cold winters, the god-awful traffic, the neverending construction of the Big Dig, the barely-livable cost of living, the uppity people, and the ridiculous rates of taxation (where was I, again?); today I am thrilled to be a "Massachute".

This morning, at 12:01 am, the city of Cambridge became the first city in the United States to grant legal marriage licenses to samesex couples. With waivers being given out to avoid the usual 3-day waiting period; some marriages will take place as early as this afternoon.

When the alarm went off this morning and WBZ began blaring loudly and angrily in my ear, it was with joyful sounds of cheering. It was with jubilant couples, some having been together 20 or more years, who are at last receiving legal recognition of their union. I was so happy that I cried. (I'm tearing up as we speak...) Sean laughed at this, as usual. I looked at the mass of morning-messy curls wildly framing his face, his dimples deepening with mirth, his eyes sparkling at me with adoration. What would life be like if laws cruelly stood in the way of our love for each other?

Go home and kiss the person you love. And know that, in some places, the law now embraces your right to have a future together.

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