Thursday, January 13, 2005

I Am Totally Going to Talk About It

Last night was Project Runway night. This is integral to my very existence. In fact, I'm quite certain that the world might just begin to spin wildly and randomly on its axis if Project Runway were not watched in the House of Redpanda.

To avoid this happening, I of course watch Project Runway. The world has been random and wild enough lately without me neglecting to watch a crucial episode and thus causing Wild and Random Axis Spinning.

Last night's episode was great in that Nora, aka Teenie Bitch From Hell, was eliminated. Ha-HA Nora! Walk your skank ass home! You are SO out!

I had no problem with Nora until last week's episode; when she threw a temper tantrum and sobbed, flailing her arms about wildly and randomly, when she did not get Her Way. (Sobbing, weakness, and overall patheticness are not to be tolerated in Redpandaland.)

However, she did not go out without evoking much mirth from yours truly. During a design session, her model (this particular episode's assignment was to design the wedding dress of your model's dreams) was describing the dress she had "dreamed about since she was a little girl!". Nora said snarkily to the camera, "I was like, aren't you 16?".

Nora is 21. I found this endlessly amusing. Baby, I'd putcha in the same age group!

The most interesting part of the entire episode, though, was the end; in which the judges critique the designers' fashions and it is determined who is "in" and who is "out". They informed Austin Scarlett, the prettiest man you ever did see, that his design looked "nothing like a wedding dress". Then they rebuked Teenie Bitch From Hell, saying that her dress looked "too much like a wedding dress". Consistency, anyone?

If you're not watching, you should be. Then maybe we can rehash the episodes together instead of me being forced to blog about them to keep from exploding.

Besides, the clothes are GREAT.

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