Sunday, January 23, 2005

Things to Do in Boston When You're Snowed In

1. Watch Stepmom
2. Make Shepherd's Pie (with turkey burger and garlic and leeks!)
3. Watch Miss Congeniality
4. Consume hefty chunks of Shepherd's Pie (with turkey burger and garlic and leeks!)
5. Play a rousing game of Mad Libs.
6. Play a rousing game of Scattergories
7. Have another chunk of Shepherd's Pie.
8. Watch Desperate Housewives
9. Go to bed early. Read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

11. Wake up late. Check snow. There's lots.
12. Go back to bed till 10.
13. Wake up. Make raspberry scones and turkey bacon.
14. Go outside. Take pictures of 7-ft snowdrift against next-door-neighbor's house.
Take pictures of Sean shoveling snow. Take pictures of car covered in snow. Take
pictures of the place Sean's car used to be before it was towed.
15. Come back inside. It's freakin' COLD out there.
16. Take shower.
17. Answer call from Sean's boss telling him he's off tomorrow.
18. Make pear cake.
19. Suggest making soft pretzels.
20. Make soft pretzels.
21. Watch Novacaine.
22. Turn on Patriots--Steelers game.
23. Eat soft pretzels.
24. Drink beer.
25. Yay.

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