Tuesday, February 04, 2003

All Buggy-Eyed

I lost my glasses this past weekend. They just fell out of my pocket while I was walking around Harvard Square. (Now, bear in mind that I've been wearing them as a regular thing simply because I just plain didn't have the time last semester to go for an eye exam and get new contacts. I finally had the exam last week, and I'm set to pick up the new contacts tomorrow night.) So, to avoid being completely blind, I was forced to dig out the old contacts, super-duper clean 'em, and "make do" with those till Wednesday. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, the right contact was more than a little suspect--I think it may have a giant amoeba living on it. I had an extra spare contact tucked away, but I was pretty sure it was the left one. Sean asked if I could wear two left ones, ya know; to avoid catching dysentary of the eyeball; but I refused--that'd give me a headache! And the 'scripts are WAAAAY too different! So, I figured me and Mr. Amoeba could learn to get along.

Cut to last night, when I ripped my left contact in half while rubbing it like a good little contact lens wearer (which, incidentally, I NEVER do--the rubbing, that is--precisely because it tends to rip contacts!!!). Good thing I had a spare left contact!

Except it was really a "right" contact. Oops. My bad.

So, this morning, I'm making do with two right contacts. I see varied numbers of things. Sometimes one, sometimes 5. Ain't life a kick?

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