Wednesday, February 05, 2003


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Hip-Hop mogul calls for Pepsi boycott

Angered at Pepsi for placing foul-mouthed Ozzy Ozbourne in a Superbowl commercial only months after yanking rapper Ludacris for his vulgar language, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons said yesterday he plans a boycott against the soft drinks giant, accusing Pepsi of applying a double standard in a "wack" (hip-hop slang for displeasing) manner.

"The boycott is being called in response to Pepsi dropping Ludacris as spokesman and subsequently picking up the Osbournes, who are no less vulgar," a Simmons spokeman said.

A spokesman for PepsiCo Inc. said the Ludacris controversy was an unfortunate experience.

--Reuters via Boston Metro.

It should be noted that my laughter is only to prevent me from crying my proverbial eyes out. Is this what we have come to? I almost want to cut this article out and save it so future generations can see how ridiculous our speech has become, except that then I'd have to shamefacedly admit that I was actually a part of this generation. God, I'm ashamed enough to admit that I'm from the same species as someone who would try and start a boycott by using the word "wack" to describe the company.

Could you imagine if everyone spoke that way?

Annoying Reporter: "Ghandi--why are you on a hunger strike?"

Ghandi: "'Cuz da way dis world is be WACK, yo!"

I laughed like an ass on the T at this blurb. I'm not sure what I thought was funnier--the use of "wack" or the explanation of what it meant.

Amanda laughed like an ass (hip-hop slang for jerk who laughs openly at something no one else sees or knows is funny, thereby appearing crazy at the very least) on the T at this blurb.

Oh, and one more thing: for all that he's a so-called "hip-hop mogul"; I sure as hell don't know who this Russell Simmons guy is.

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