Thursday, February 06, 2003

Right Now... fingers are cold.

...I'm listening to the Trainspotting soundtrack.

...I wish I had oatmeal.

...I'm happily in love.

...I'm wearing new pants from H & M.

...I'm kind of sweating over what Community Relations has in store for me tomorrow.

...I'm wicked happy that I don't have to come all the way to Quincy tomorrow!

...I have to pause my CD to refill my stapler. ("it's a Swingline stapler...")

...some more coffee would be nice.

...I wish winamp didn't crash my system so I could reinstall it and play mp3's. parents are preparing for a cruise, during which my mom will wear tacky shoes.

...Brandy's on a train dreading having to work.

...Tivy is probably walking around the apartment meowing for food to anyone who'll listen.

...I don't remember what day my graduation ceremony is.

...I wish I had a muffin. desk is adorned with 6 postcards, a pop-up ghost, a mardi gras necklace, two snowman that were left behind by the previous occupant, and a pic of Sean and me in our Halloween getups. (No snakes...)

...I have new contacts and can't believe how well I can see.'s 19 degrees out, according to my computer.

...I'm glad my name isn't "Ladidas".

...I should really get back to work.

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