Wednesday, February 19, 2003

The World Owes Me a Living....

People annoy the crap out of me. Where, I ask you, is it written that one is deserving of automatic wondermous butt-licking service everytime one walks into a place of business? How did people come to acquire the enormous sense of entitlement that tells them that they are deserving of such treatment?

One of my cubi-neighbors was just complaining about the state of the grocery store during the BLIZZARD the other day. (I think it was Stop & Shop?) "They only had three registers open. Can you believe that?!? Only three. And the lines were backed up all over the place....!"

Never did it occur to this woman that it's neither the store's fault nor problem that she and the rest of her suburbanite hayseed buds felt the need to pick the aisles clean of TP and Twinkies during a snow emergency. What, they're supposed to have extra cashiers there at all times just in case it snows? Gimme a fucking break. You want groceries during a snowstorm? Well, there are gonna be lines, chica. Long lines. And don't go complaining that the local pizza joint and Yee's Village (specializing in Chinese cuisine) are taking too long to deliver your large make-my-ass-fatter-extra-lard special. You're not the only person on the planet, and there are 348 extra-fat-ass specials that have to be delivered by one shivering guy in a Dodge Dart before they get to yours. Suck it up.

Maybe I'm a sympathizer because I spent so many years in retail and restaurant hell. But this customer-service thing has just gone too damn far! Who's responsible for all this 'the customer is always right' crap?!? Yes, of course it's preferable when everyone goes out of their way to make your retail experience better. But do you want to pay the extra cash for your Dunkin Donuts that it'd take to pay employees enough to give a rat's ass? Hell, I don't. They can glare at me, leer at me, do a funny little dance for all I care. Just don't burn my bagel. For their five or six or seven bucks an hour, I just want a loogie-free coffee that's hot. Hot loogie-free coffee. That could be their motto.

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