Monday, February 17, 2003


No one in the world is at work today. Except me. And the other Blue Cross martyrs.

This morning has been defined by a series of announcements from co-workers regarding the impending snow.

"It's not supposed to snow hard till 1-ish."

"I can't even SEE across the Neponset River! It's snowing SO hard!"

"They got 2 feet in Maryland!" (I've heard this one numerous times, and for some reason it always annoys me. I want to say "You don't KNOW Maryland! I know Maryland!")

"They're closed at Traveler's."

"They're closed at Safety."

"They might keep us all day because they know they'll have to close tomorrow."

"We'll be out of here by noon."

It is snowing now, at long last. Thousands of flakes swirling in a strange, ominous beauty. I've tried to call Sean about 27 times to ask if he can pick up some stuff at the store before the really bad stuff starts. (No, not bread, milk, and TP! All-important COFFEE, thank you very much! Can't live without THAT!)

I have to say, I'm going to be damn disappointed if I have to come into work tomorrow. I've already formed tentative plans in my head to crash out on the couch with Sean, catch up on some DVD's and finish the bottle of Merlot we uncapped on Friday night. Right now, I just can't imagine anything more heavenly than being snowed in with him; twirling his hair around my fingers and coaxing the cat to come sit with us. Mmmmm.

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