Sunday, April 27, 2003


On my bag of tasty Corn Nuts snack treats, I can't help but notice the slogan "Corn Gone WRONG", which is positioned cleverly next to a tuff-looking corn-on-the-cob character who is missing a kernal and has one of his corn-husk arms balled up into a fist.

This is silly.

Now, I realize that whoever is in the marketing department over at *looks on bag* Kraft (OHFUCKIDIDN'TKNOWTHEYWEREKRAFTNOWICANNEVEREATTHEM AGAINI'MPANICKINGBUTIGUESSTHAT'SANOTHERBLOGENTIRELY....) couldn't very well have made the slogan "Corn Gone BAD". I mean, you can't very well imply that a delicious snack treat has gone "bad", now can you? Of course not.

But "WRONG"? Now, that's just a stretch. Tuff as they may be, the vegetables that went into my tasty snack treat (which, apparently, I'll never eat again, since they're owned by Kraft the Anti-Christ....) just weren't "WRONG". Gimme a break. They're reaching.

Now, if you'll excuse me while I assume the fetal position and sob over the loss of Corn Nuts I've experienced through writing this blog....

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