Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Reasons to Be Happy. Reasons to Be Sad.

First, the sad ones:
1. Life can be unbearably cruel and awful.
2. Reasons to despise holidays keep popping up.
3. The people you love will always let you down, one way or another.
4. Dunkin Donuts will never get the coffee-to-sugar-and-cream ratio right.
5. My professor is being a raging pain in the hiney.
6. He's being that way because I'm a raging flake.
7. I'm being that way because I'm completely dispassionate about my $45k master's degree program.
8. I'll probably never have all the people I love in close proximity to me.
9. My incorrectly-ratioed coffee is now GONE.
10. I can't find half of my stuff! I don't know if it's at my place or Sean's!

And now, some reasons to be happy:

1. Brandy and Robb are coming out this weekend!
2. People that you don't expect will surprise you with how much they do care.
4. Going to a Dirty Three show tonight! Love that chaotic, beautiful music.
5. Being in love is great. Really, really great.
6. Although you'll move away from some and some will move away from you, you'll continue to accumulate people whom you love and who love you throughout your life.
7. People have given me the nicest compliments this week!
8. Puppies will lick your face.
9. I can listen to the same song 20 times in a row if I want--I have headphones on!
10. Things always fall into place. Eventually.

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