Tuesday, April 08, 2003

A Meaty Issue

Six years ago, I read an online article that someone had written about why he chose to live a "vegetarian lifestyle". I stopped eating meat that day.

For the next couple of years, I was a complete ovo-lacto-veggie. Meaning I still consumed eggs and dairy, but no actual "flesh". (As I so charmingly referred to it!)

Eventually, I began occasionally eating fish and seafood as well. Eating seafood still fit in with the reasons I had chosen to become a vegetarian, and that way I could take advantage of the many health benefits that fish provide. Such as omega-3 fatty acids!

When I moved to Boston a year and a half ago, I would suffer the VERRRRY occasional lapse into chicken consumption. My weakness? General Tso's Chicken from a local Chinese takeout place. Oh God, that stuff's good.

That was my downfall. I went from JUST General Tso's, to occasionally eating a bite of someone's chicken, to occasionally eating a chicken sandwich, to maybe I'll have a burger this once, to let me try a steak tip, to I forgot what bacon tastes like, to I'd like my steak medium rare, to the place I am today. Which is rampant, no-holds-barred meat eating. I beat Sean into submission just last night and forced him to accompany me to the local 99 for a steak tip fix. Oh God, that's good, baby...

I've been saying for some time now that I'd like to get back to the occasional meat-eating. I felt so much better when I wasn't eating meat. The problem? I like it. A lot. I get sausage link cravings. I have dreams about Whiskey's chicken sandwiches. And those dollar burgers you can get at Bukowski's during Happy Hour? Supreme.

Is there a meat-eater's anonymous? Maybe I should start one up?

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