Saturday, February 21, 2004


My Valentines Day present from Sean was an iPod Mini. Or, rather, the promise of an iPod Mini, since they had not yet been released on Valentines Day.

The actual release date was yesterday, February 20th. I had heard all the crapola surrounding it, you know; demand is expected to exceed supply, blah blah blah.... WhatEVER. I was SO getting my iPod yesterday. No need to reserve it! I wanted to play with one in my own grubby little paws, see how I liked the snazzy green color, compare it with the regular iPod before I made the commitment.

Well, I got to do that much. But that was about it. The lines at the Cambridge Galleria Mac store wound around and around, queued up like there was some sort of unmissable roller coaster at the end.

"Do you have any more green Minis?" I asked timidly.

The Mac worker threw me an expression of preparedness to burst into resounding guffaws, then quickly composed herself and shook her head sympathetically. "No, I'm sorry, we only have silver left," she apologized, "but we can take your name and phone number and call if we get any in."

I left her my name and number, fully expecting to have one WAY before she'd need to call me.

"Let's call the one at the North Shore Mall", Sean suggested. Great idea! No one in Peabody is plugged in, for god's sakes! They probably have scads of Minis just lying around taking up space.

A phone call confirmed that yes, indeed, I am a giant ass. They, too; were out of green ones. But if we got there just before they closed at 10:00, they might be willing to part with a reserved one that hadn't been picked up.

Silly folk. We can just order one from Mac's online store!

Except the expected shipping date was "1-3 weeks". 1-3 weeks?!? That's a bit of a gap, dontcha think? I mean, 1 week; that's fine. But 3? I could probably have one from the mocking mac store chick by THEN.

I have no iPod Mini. None at all. I am iEmpty-handed.

On the bright side, I DID pick up the purple VW BeetleBugCar yesterday. His name is Gustav.

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