Friday, February 06, 2004

A Tale of bureaucracy

Let's begin by explaining that I work for a behemoth company. Really, quite behemoth. If you search back through my archives, you can probably find out who it is and will agree with me on the behemothacity of said company.

But really, is being a behemoth company an excuse for being an asshole?

Let me explain. You see, the department I work for is a brand, spankin' new department. It's so new that it's the very first time the company has attempted to do what my department does internally, instead of outsourcing. It's so new that no other state's version of my company has attempted it before. We're the very first. We've got a big budget, top recruits, and a lot of eyes on us. And we're designing and reworking everything that we're doing. We JUST launched on Jan. 1st, and we're slowly taking over stuff from a vendor.

In celebration of this incredible endeavor, the company is throwing a "Kickoff Celebration" next Friday. It was so important that we all be there that the company was offering to pay overtime to anyone who was scheduled to be off that day, just to be sure everyone was there.

"WAS" being the key word here.

You see, we just received an announcement yesterday--we're not all welcome at the party, after all. "Just the associates who already were working for the department on January 1st when in launched may attend".

Yeah. That's like 5 people. Out of a team of nearly 40 cutting-edge recruits, most of whom were wooed away from high-paying jobs in other industries.

Way to treat us like a bunch of stepkids. So who IS invited? I already know the answer, without even asking. The President, who most of us never see in the flesh. A bunch of corporate bigwigs. A bunch of bigwigs from OTHER corporations. But not the actual team who will be responsible for implementing the program, who will make the department sink or swim.

I fucking hate bureaucracy.

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