Monday, March 22, 2004

How to Spend a Weekday Off

- Drive boyfriend to T.

- Procure and eat forbidden cinnamon-chip bagel from Panera Bread (mmm...forbidden bagel...).

- Walk around house wearing pink see-through bra and track pants (Who needs to match? Who needs to wear actual clothes?).

- Look at furniture online (Yay for!).

- Do taxes online. Curse lack of understanding of "Lifetime Learning Credit" in previous years. Cross fingers that refund stays the same.

- Listen to tunes on the itunes jukebox Sean set up (So far, Maroon 5, the Indigo Girls, and the Smiths Best II...).

- Try to figure out which wine would go best with the pork roast I've had brining for the past day and a half in a Thai honey-chili marinade.

- Look at online pics of clitoral hood piercings. (Don't click on the link unless you really mean it...)

- Wonder if there's anything I need to go out and buy.

- Clean.

- Pay bills online.

- Rip itchy tag off of previously-mentioned bra.

- Do body shots off of all current and previous members of Menudo.

- Laugh uncontrollably at own Menudo jokes.

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