Saturday, March 20, 2004


Matilda refuses to hold still long enough to have her picture taken. She has much more important things to attend to. Like batting at the camera strap. Or batting at Tivy's tail. Or batting at a speck of dirt on the floor.

So far, we have a lot of pictures of various parts of Matilda. She moves too fast to get a shot of the whole cat. Maybe we can piece together a shot of her tail, one of a wayward foot, and one of her fluffy middle to make some kind of Frankencat picture. Then you could get an idea of her color, at least.

Matilda was waiting for us at the shelter. While all the other cats were napping in their cages, or busying themselves eating, or hiding under towels, Matilda was sitting calmly at the door of her cage; just waiting for us to come and get her. She seemed unsurprised by the whole situation, from the collar being foisted upon her to the car ride to being unceremoniously dumped onto our bed when we got home. She made herself at home almost immediately.

She did, however, growl little cat-growls at Tivy for the first couple of weeks. This was endlessly amusing.

Tivy has a penchant for licking plastic bags. You can hear it in the morning, this odd rustly rattling as he finds a bag somewhere and begins his feast. Matilda, however, prefers to lick people. She's the lickiest cat I've ever met. In fact, I've stopped going barefoot because Matilda has a tendency to sneak up on me and proceed to lick my toes (which skeeves me out a bit).

The problem with Matilda is her endless energy. She bounds around the house (mostly after midnight, as I've mentioned before) like a flea or jumping spider, launching herself off our unsuspecting heads whenever she flings her way through the bedroom. One of the reasons we actually got Matilda in the first place was in the hopes that she would force Tivy to lead a more active life. So far, he mostly just stares scornfully at her. His gut continues to expand.

Life is interesting with Matilda. I think we'll keep her around. And hopefully she'll cooperate with me long enough to snap a few shots at some point....

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