Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Various and Sundry

It's snowing again. Again. And it's not even serious snow, but pissy little annoying flakes that bat at your car like mean kittens playing with a baby mouse before they devour it.

(Can ya tell I loooove the stuff?)

I spent the better part of yesterday trekking through the snowy slush around downtown Boston in search of a pair of shoes for one Sean. It was a wildly unsuccessful quest. The good part of the story is that I got to meet the aforementioned Sean at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Now, I'm a snobbish anti-chain chick, but I have a strange weakness for the Cheesecake. I'm not sure if it's the ridiculously-sized salads, the pizza lunch deal, or maybe just the titillation of wondering if one of the servers clad in all white will spill a vast quantity of chocolate or spaghetti sauce all over his/herself. But for whatever reason, I'm a fan of the place. So that almost made the wild goose chase worth it.

Matilda, otherwise known as The New Cat Who Has Not Yet Been Seriously Blogged About, has a penchant for tearing about the house from approximately 12 am till approximately 2 am. This. Must. Stop.

We bandy about lots of acronyms in my department. You hear the common ones quite a bit: CABG ("cabbage--Coronary Artery Bypass Graft"), SNF ("sniff--Skilled Nursing Facility"), CAD ("cad--Coronary Artery Disease"). My supervisors have also devised a few covert ones. There's the standard "CYA" ("Cover Your Ass"), as well as my personal favorite: "BS" ("Bitch-Slap").
So, you'll hear things like "I can't get this guy into a SNF. He just had a CABG, and he's been diagnosed with CAD for about 5 years. I've made notes in the case for CYA, but he's in dire need of a BS."

For some reason, this amuses me greatly.

Sean is heading off to Our Nation's Capitol (My almost-hometown!) this Thursday for a conference. I'll be joining him, by way of the lovely and amazing Brandy/Robb dynamic duo, for the weekend. I'm psyched to see the peeps who first introduced me to crucial things like The Iron Chef and Superhero Kitty. I'm also psyched to soak up a bit of the DC ambiance, even though we'll be too early for the cherry blossoms. Damn! I'm hoping he'll have a chance to check out Amazonia at the National Zoo (we always seem to get there too late to enter the buildings...) and maybe the Spy Museum. We shall see...

And, that's it for today. It's all my addled brain can muster.

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