Monday, September 09, 2002

Ok, after I spent 20 minutes writing a blog answering all the survey questions, it disappeared into the bowels of the "internet". So, here goes attempt #2...

Survey questions (and answers)

1. My goal--to be a "Web Publishing Guru"! I'm still working out the details of exactly what that entails.
2. My background--I'm a Health Comm student working as a cubicle chimp for Blue Cross (does working for a company I've deemed "the Enemy" make me a hypocrite?)
3. My course-related background: slim to none. I've written some content for web pages, and made a few meager attempts at web page design for classes here, but nothing I'd actually show you...
4. I've got some basic, beginners-level, I-can-click-on-"help" type of experience with Dreamweaver, and I've been working with Powerpoint and Word since I was Knee-High-To-A-Grasshopper.
5. Three favorite magazines (in no particular order): National Geographic, Outside, Cosmo (gotta love the trashy read too!)
6. Three favorite TV programs (I'm not going to make an effort to be a psuedo-intellectual and try to deceive you into believing I listen to NPR or something...): Northern Exposure (I freaking LOVE this show!!!), Sex and the City, The Sopranos.

So, at long last, there you have it. Read it and weep. Thank you, Easter Bunny. Buck! Buck!

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