Thursday, September 19, 2002

Question of the Day

This came to me via email, from my "best friend since birth" (Ok, we actually didn't meet till more like 5 years AFTER our respective births...). I found it interesting and ponderous, so I immediately decided to steal it and post it on my blog, representing it as my own. Brandy discovered this, however, and beat me to a bloody pulp.

So, it is as a bloody pulp smearing the keyboard with gore that I present this:

Here's the philosophical question for the day.

There are two schools of thought on how to live life.
The first being that to get where you want to go, you
must first start with the end in mind. For instance,
you may realize that the culmination of your life
should be herding a load of tabbies. It you are
determined toward such an end, then you would work
backwards; thinking of the steps to take today in
order to carry you to your final goal.

While tabby herding is a noble, albeit nonconformist
type of career, there are those who would debate that
theory. There are those that say, life should be a
conglomeration of great experiences in your life, not
necessarily forming one straight line heading towards
the finish. However, with no specific goal in mind, is
it enough just to think of some cool things to do to
occupy our time?

With so many experiences to choose from, is it even
possible to decide upon one goal...forsaking all
others? Does well-rounded actually mean, unfocused?

These and other things to ponder...

This was my response:

Interesting question. I like to think that life is a
combination of both philosophies. How depressing to think of it
as just a straight line towards a goal--marching on and on from
cradle to grave!
I think that you may start out heading towards
a specific goal, but that soon life tosses detours your way and
makes your path crooked, twisty, and confusing. Hell, you'll
probably change what you perceived the "goal" in the
first place. Anyway, I hold that it's these detours that make life
interesting, compelling, and altogether wonderful.
Dat's what I be thinkin', anyhow. :)

Brandy and I have in common (well, a LOT, actually...) that we're both constantly questioning the universe and our place in it. But, when either one of us gets too philosophical, the other one promptly doles out an ass-kick and all is right in the world again.

Love you, Bran!

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