Monday, September 16, 2002

Say WHAT?!?

So, I was doing some "class reading" for my e-publishing class this weekend like a good little grad student when I read something that left me feeling shocked and appalled.
It should have occured to me before, but I suppose it didn't.
Without the "filtering" properties of editors and such that are required for the (expensive!) publication of "regular", paper books; any Tom, Dick, or Harietta with a Commodore-64 (Ok, maybe that's a stretch...) can publish their work online.
Actually, what the book stated was that with the advent of electronic publishing options, we were likely to see a marked decrease in the overall quality of published works.

Does this mean that the books I may find in the electronic realm may not be of the same "quality" as old-fashioned printed works? Like, say, a novel by Danielle Steele or Mary Higgins Clark?

Perish the thought!

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