Friday, September 27, 2002

ok. i think i just hit the wrong button. not sure what happened. i'm still getting used to my new mac. anyhoo. as i was saying before what i had typed disappeared: I'm enjoying this chatty, informal commentary we've got going on. i did my reading for monday last weekend, so i can't really remember much (oh, wait, maybe i shouldn't say that just in case doug stops in for a look around.) What i mean is that i'm going to have to review the readings before i can give some interesting and intelligent comments on them. is everyone looking forward to the quiz monday (that we think we're having because doug said "hint, hint" after he mentioned it last week). i am, sure. so below is a link to one of my in the news articles. yeah, so maybe two is a little much. but i thought they were interesting, and the one actually has something to do with self-publishing, so i thought "cool! i have to use this one too!". the aforementioned article cost me $2.75, so y'all better think it's the bestest ever. right. so the link is NOT to that article, but one regarding the Web logs of established columnists. good stuff.
ok wait. so maybe i won't be adding a link, since the page i'm typing on doesn't have the little world link button. so here's the address instead. deal. :)

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