Wednesday, September 18, 2002

The Problem with Noodle Soup

My current lunch obsession involves these little instant "rice noodle soup bowls" I bought at Trader Joe's. They're pretty good.

There IS an issue with noodle soup I'd like to address, however; and see if anyone has a solution.

You see, noodle soup is a very black and white meal. You either have a bite of noodles, or you have a bite (spoonful?) of that brothy stuff. We'll call the brothy stuff "soup". See, if you try to have both; the brothy stuff (I mean, "soup") runs down the noodles and out of the spoon. This leaves you with a bite of "noodles", which don't have nearly the flavor they'd have if some "soup" was also included in said bite.

I've been trying to come up with a solution. So far, I've come up with two potential answers:

a) The noodles need to be smaller, a la "Campbell's Chicken and Stars".
b) I need to invent a new eating utensil; one that's somewhere between a spork and a spoon. Maybe a really deep spoon with pointy things jutting up to hold the noodles. But then someone would probably impale themself on it and I'd be in for a lawsuit.
c) I need to find a new lunch obsession (I'm not really fond of this one, since the noodle bowls are only 99 cents each and really aren't bad at all).
d) I need to just quit my damn bitching about stupid things.

Hmmm. Any suggestions?

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