Monday, October 07, 2002

Andy--actually, some states use a good deal of the money recovered from the Master Settlement to fund anti-smoking campaigns. I've actually done some work for one of them, although again I was "underpaid"... :)! However, I would like to say in a Public Health Huff that right now, the Mass budget is ridiculously crunched and there's just "no money" for such activities. But guess what? There's a 20 million dollar budget for "bio-terrorism" related public health activity. How many people die every year from tobacco-related disorders? And how many die of "bio-terrorism"? Grrr!

Andrea--I think we're living parallel lives. Did you eat about 7 pounds of steak tips this weekend, too?

Anna--you can be the treasurer since you have so much experience in the "financial" world! :)_!

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