Thursday, October 03, 2002

Stuff Said to me Recently

Hey, take 'em out of context if you will. ;)!

"You're mad. You're throwing things and slapping your butt!"

"That's what's great about my job. I get to say things like filibuster, caucus, and cock."

"Make sure you remove the staples from the mail. You don't want to hurt your hand."

"What do you mean? 36 feet isn't that big."

"I'm just trying to make sure you haven't completely given in to insanity yet."

"What do I look like, the toilet paper baroness?!?"

"All good superheroes wear their underwear on the outside."

(*in thick Russian accent*) "She fart all the time. She just sit there and fart, all the day. She eat too much food, that why. I can't take it, sitting there listening to her fart. I going to quit my job if she don't stop it with the fart all day. Too damn much fart!"

(In response to the staple injury story:) "You laugh, but your job is dangerous! Indiana Amanda, skirting death at every turn! Dodging staples and punji sticks with ease! Very exciting!"

"YOU 'need' boots?!? Litte Guadulope in the sweatshop needs to eat tonight..."

Hey, it may be odd, but my life is all mine. :)!

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