Wednesday, October 16, 2002


Every day poses a new dilemma when your life is as exciting as mine!
Here's a sample of today's dilemmas:

Dilemma 1: Feel crappy and sick. Want to drink tea. But scalded mouth badly inhaling hot soup at Au Bon Pain yesterday. Hot tea may exacerbate already-sore mouth. Don't want to experience pain involved in this action. (Note to self: wow this is sad...)

Dilemma 2: Feel crappy and sick. Want to go home. But am a pion temp and get no sick time, plus already had unpaid day off this week. Can't really afford to go home. (Hmm...go home and search through couch cushions for quarters? Pursue education rigorously so won't have this dilemma anymore?)

Dilemma 3: Feel crappy and sick. Want to spend entire blog bitching about it. But am afraid will turn off readers. (Bitch about it under guise of posing dilemmas?)

Dilemma 4: Am supposed to be alphabetizing PIP letters. Don't want to. Want to surf 'net. (Alt-tab?)

Dilemma 5: Should stay till 4:30 or 5 to make up time lost because damn shuttle was late this morning. Don't want to. Staying late would mean taking T instead of 4:15 shuttle. (Say screw it? Hmm...think I will.)

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