Thursday, October 17, 2002

I Guess I've Been Frontin'

When I was a baby, I had a mass of dark brown hair. As I grew to "a kid", a child of say, 4 or 5; I had this long, auburn hair. (It was really quite pretty.) Since then, my "natural" color has evolved from brownish reddish blondish to blondish reddish brownish to reddish blondish brownish. Hell, I'm not really sure I remember what color it should be--I've been dying it for about 12 years now. It's been every color from blond to black to fushia and back again. Finally, I settled on a nice red color--one that goes with my terminally redhead complexion (READ: pasty white and bespeckled with freckles). It's been pretty much the same nice red color for 5 years or so, pretty much since I got the black and fushia stage out of my system.
One thing has remained constant in the ever-changing kalidoscope that is my hair--its texture. Save for the eighties, when everyone who was anyone permed, teased, and otherwise tormented the hell out of their suffering locks, it's always hovered annoying between "straight" and "wavy"--choosing to be just wavy enough to make it frizzy on rainy days. It sucks, but we all have our cross to bear...
I usually straightened it--that was really the only way to tame the terminal frizz that's inevitable when you live in a coastal town--to make it appear glossy and well-behaved (and yeah, trendy...). That's what I had been doing for quite awhile, until in the last few months I became too damn pressed for time to waste any on such a frivolous activity as blow-drying my hair and began to let it just "dry naturally".
Well, you can imagine the surprise I felt when the dark clouds of heat styling receded, allowing me to see my hair in the clear blue light of day--and it was curly. Curly. Not just wavy, but huge-tangled-mass-of-spiraly-locks-that-you-can't-get-your-fingers-through curly. (Shit, where was this stuff in the eighties?)
Here I've been priding myself on being this easy-going, wash-and-wear kind of girl, and all the while I've been completely changing my hair every day. I feel like I owe anyone who's every described me as "having straight hair" an apology.
My God, I feel like I barely know me at ALL!

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