Monday, October 07, 2002

Class Reading Stuff

I love me some Steve Krug! Wow, a book with lots of pictures that even I can understand; unlike some others (*ahem* CMB *ahem*)...
I found quite a few parallels between Krug's style and that in PIA. Both books seem to have the same focus of designing not just "pretty", but practical and easily utilized websites. This is most definitely the kind of info I need, since if I were to design a site in the "real world", my target audience would likely be frazzled and desperate for information.
I also greatly appreciate the light-hearted approach. After all the time I spend perusing scholarly articles (and *ahem* CMB *ahem*), it's nice to see that not everyone takes his work so seriously.
I found myself relating to a lot of his comments. For instance, I hate wasting valuable seconds of my time scrolling around a site desperately searching for something on which to click. (C'mon, I'm going to get caught surfing the 'net at work if your site isn't well-designed!)
The common-sense approach works for me--this book is making me take a closer look at stuff that I usually just skim with my peripheral vision.
How did ya'll like it?

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